Saturday, May 23, 2009

Senator Bong Revilla and Assunta de Rossi Scandal

Senator Bong Revilla and Assunta de Rossi Scandal leaked! After voicing the name of Hayden Kho’s Perversity, someone uploaded the photo of Senator Ramon Bong Revilla with Assunta de Rossi. The photo showed Senator Bong Revilla kissing a topless Assunta de Rossi. Someone wants to backfire at the Senator Actor.

Senator Bong Revilla claims that the intimate kissing photo of him and former sexy star Assunta De Rossi was obviously photoshopped.

The senator, points out that the lower part of the photo was the one digitally manipulated.

In the full version of the said photo, Sen. Bong and Assunta are totally unwrapped exposing their lower parts, most especially that of Sen. Bong. He though doesn't claim it as fake because according to him, it was taken from a scene in one of his blockbuster movies entitled Kilambot At Kembot.

Kilabot at Kembot was R-18 during that time. In a review from CBCP World, the movie had objectional features such as vulgar language, erotic dances, very skimpy costumes, womanizing, and prolonged and suggestive s-x scenes.

I'm hesitant in posting the picture, if you want to see it leave a comment and i'll just email it.

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