Monday, October 12, 2009


A businessman is aggressive; a businesswoman is pushy.

A businessman is good on details; she is picky.

He loses his temper because he's so involved in his job; she is bitchy.

When he is depressed (or hung-over), everyone tiptoes past his office; she is moody, so it must be her time of the month.

He follows through; she doesn't know when to quit.

He's confident; she's conceited.

He stands firm; she's impossible to deal with.

He is firm; she is hard.

His judgments are her prejudices.

He drinks because of the excessive job pressure; she's a lush.

He isn't afraid to say what he thinks; she's mouthy.

He's close-mouthed; she's secretive.

He climbed the ladder to success; she slept her way to the top.

He is a stern taskmaster; she's hard to work for.

He is witty; she is sarcastic.

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